When you really think!

Business strategy conceptThe air was thin, sun was at its zenith. It was a normal day for everyone but not for him. Serenity has spread its wings and dominated his horizon of thinking. Tranquility was at its peak from the outside, however, the tides of stormy thoughts were started to form in his inside. He was curious to unearth the hidden patterns of ”Reality”.

His mind was flooded with the curious questions.

Is the way we are living our lives a reality? Is there any concept of illusion? Are we slaves of the hidden designers of the world? Who are we? What is our purpose on earth?

When no solid answer was popped up, only then he comprehended that how puny we are! ”We are not in a realm of reality”, he thought. Life is a big illusion. We only follow the footsteps of our ancestors which are full of muddy streams. Our minds are closed to think about the reality. Emotions and feelings have crippled our power to analyse and judge the reality of life.