Give way to ambulance, somebody you love might be in there.



Sometimes between the life and death, it is the speed of ambulance which decides the fate. It is an angel with a rubber tires, steel body, the radiating red and blue lights and a roaring sound of siren. In its sensational siren and the booming lights, there is a blend of strong signals, which tells the tale of emergency and hope.

The dark clouds of despair starts to form in the lives of those miserable souls, whose loved ones wander between the see-saw of life and death, due to some misfortune event. In that wilderness of distress and despair, the furious ambulance with a roaring sound of siren arrives and kindles the ray of hope. This magnificent beauty fetch the broken, wounded and collapsed bodies, rush them toward the center of healing. Thus, the role of ambulances in our age is no less than the guardian angels. However, the path from the point where the uninvited emergency emerges to the healing world of hospital is not a journey of bed of roses, but a thorny treacherous terrain of traffic and pollution.

Few seconds late creates the chaos. The hope dwindles. The beautiful little world of the victim breaks down into pieces. Several lives turn upside down. The victim maybe the only son of their parents, he/she maybe the sole bread earner of the house, maybe he/she has just started his/her new life after facing so many challenges. Such a tragedy, when such emergency incidents appear then in the end, the entire life of the victim depends on that day’s traffic and the behavior of drivers. In short, this is a story of distance where lives gamble, inside the ambulance, during the tense journey toward hospital.

The perpetrators who make such journey terrible are no other than the common citizens. Astonishingly, they also possess the valid driving licenses! It takes less than a minute to press the breaks, turn the steering wheel, flash the indicators and provide a way to the ambulance in order to save a life. Unfortunately, most of the drivers fail miserably in this simple act of kindness. In fact, the whole culture of driving in our society is notorious. People who create impediments in the way of ambulances have no idea that providing a way to ambulance is a synonym of saving a life.

There is a need of spreading the wind of awareness. Reinvigoration of those ignorant souls and pouring them with the emotional intelligence may soften their hearts. However, a full enthusiastic and committed action is required to spread the awareness and develop the methods to facilitate ambulances in traffic. These methods will not only help to save the precious lives, but the fragrance of morality and ethics will also prevail widely. Moreover, It is also written in the ‘’Quran Shareef’’ that saving a one life is equals to saving the whole humanity, therefore, providing a way to ambulance is not only included in the realm of morality and ethics, but it is also an indication of the word of Allah for the Muslims to follow.[1]


Provide way, save a life and be a hero:

Do real life heroes exist? It is one of the tricky question to ask in our age, where the fictional movies are made in abundance and viewed in millions. The image of heroes in our minds is attracted from the power of cinema. Therefore, with our traditional point of view we believe that the heroes exist, however, not the real ones but those who only dwell behind the screen! Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest lie which has dominated our minds. The answer to the above question is simply yes, because along with the imaginary ones, the real life heroes exist.

Real life heroes are amongst us, who are unknown to the masses. They are unsung heroes. They are the men of honor and dignity, courage and nobility, ethics and morality. They are the ones who do not expect from the world to recognize them and to proclaim them as heroes. In movies the fictional heroes get admiration from the millions of viewers. On the other hand, the real life heroes are admired by some people, but their weightage of nobility increases because the God is on their side. Only because of them the belief in humanity still exist. This phenomenon makes them distinguished heroes, who are the best of all.

The good news is that, anybody can be a hero! There are some secret ingredients which makes a common man the real life superhero. The secret is very simple yet unknown by the masses. It is to feel the emotions of others and helping them as if you are helping your loved ones. Providing food to a starved, helping the blind to cross the road and treating the old ones with due care are some of the examples of heroism. However, the heroic act which is at the top of all is to save a life! And the most easiest way of saving a life is no other than providing a way to ambulance, while you are driving.

Therefore, ‘’Providing way, saving a life and becoming a hero’’ should be our motto in life. This slogan can save thousands of those lives, who lost their battle inside the ambulances and around the traffic. Always remember that the people who drive the vehicles are ordinary but soon after providing the way to ambulance, they become extraordinary! Only those people can feel the emotions of others. No doubt, there is a pride and prestige in becoming a hero. We should follow the footprints of those legendary heroes. Currently there is a deficit of such heroes in our society.



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