“A tale of OTP-7 (2nd group) in the domain of NIBAF”

Life has played with all of us in its different flavors. The infinite wilderness of uncertainty was ended in our lives and the most beautiful feelings of happiness were started to dominate our horizons. That day was literally the first day of our lives when we received our offer letters from SBP-BSC for the post of OG-1  (Officer grade 1).

It was like a dream comes true for many of us. New aspirations, new interests, and the hunger for more growth in SBP-BSC were rapidly developed. Astonishingly, it has ignited a new spark of motivation in our souls. The sense of most elevated life was quite recognizable, when we become the part of this prestigious institution.

During the initial days of our work, we the second group of OTP-7 batch knew that in our near future we will receive the one month training from NIBAF. Meanwhile, the ‘ex-NIBAFIANS’ at our respective workplaces always told their tales and for a moment they drift away into their lovely memories. A beautiful smile and a long sigh hinted us about their marvelous life at NIBAF. This increases our curiosity to its zenith. We already started to imagine that our life at NIBAF will turns out to be a life changing experience.

That day was near, which has to bring the cure for our curiosity. Unfortunately, the journey toward NIBAF has welcomed us with different modes of protests, blockages and hindrances due to ‘DHARNA’. However, we the young officers were passionately determined to reach at our destination on time. Therefore, we faced all the hurdles and hardships and reached at NIBAF as soon as possible after our reporting date of 26th-Nov-2017.

Forty four officers of OTP-7 (2nd group) have just arrived at NIBAF. Each and everyone with a different cultural perspectives and the background histories. How amazing it is! When we come to know that NIBAF was that magical platform which will not only mould our personalities but it will also curb all the differences between us. It was the power of this institute which makes us ‘ONE’. Indeed, NIBAF has not only given us love and comfort but it has also united us.

The search from our eyes and the desire of our minds for socializing has just begun when we see each other for the very first time. Everyone has started to share their experiences and ideas. Moreover, this institute has provided us with the platform of interaction. Those who share the more common ideas become the more closer friends. Those late night chit chats, sharing secrets, gossiping, travelling together, laughing on silly things and a tension free life has glued us together.

During this writing, still the half journey at NIBAF remains. However, I already feel myself as a professional officer with the sufficient set of skills and knowledge. The people who are responsible for watering and providing the nutrients to our brains are our trainers, who are the encyclopedias of knowledge and training skills. Surely, without them we would have never felt that tremendous change in our lives.

In conclusion, I must say that NIBAF is not only an institute, but an idea which has the power to transform our lives. It has the quality to ingrain the beautiful vision of success in our minds. This institute has provided us with all types of comforts, education, skills, and most importantly the experiences of beautiful souls and smart minds which we will never forget in our lives. The decorated rooms, spacious library, tasty food of cafeteria and the healthy environment of playing area are the crown jewels of this marvelous institute. Moreover, this institute has flooded our brains with the wisdom of unity in diversity. Without a doubt, we must admit that the life at NIBAF has positively changed the way we see this world.


 “On earth there is no heaven

But there are pieces of it like NIBAF”nibaf


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